BLAUPUNKT announced the addition of one more best-in-class Brand Community member who presented new Audio and Accessories product lineup at CES 2018 (Las Vegas)

Luxembourg, January 28th, 2018
BLAUPUNKT - Unveiled officially at CES earlier this month the iconic German brand best known for manufacturing high performance Car, Home, and Mobile Consumer Electronics products announce the addition of one more best-in-class partner to its brand licensing program, WORLDWIDE ACCESSORIES.

WORLDWIDE ACCESSORIES, which is based in New York, USA, introduced a strong new product lineup of Blaupunkt branded audio products and accessories such as:
- Football Speakers,
- Latest technology true wireless Bluetooth Speakers
- Boomboxes
- Extensive range of headphones and earbuds
- Full line up of charging, audio cables etc.

All these product will be available soon on the US market. First detailed information on the website will be unveiled latest March 5th 2018.

"We are more than happy to partner with WORLDWIDE ACCESSORIES and are convinced that together with our existing license partner for In-Vehicle Entertainment, Ematic, we will rapidly return BLAUPUNKT to the strong position it held in the 80s and 90s" said Mr. Andrzej Cebrat, CEO at Blaupunkt.
Moreover, Cebrat stated that "the global BLAUPUNKT family is extremely excited to be BACK IN THE USA. This gives our brand a great push, even outside the USA. Being present in the prestigious US market lifts our brand image in many foreign markets as well."
WORLDWIDE ACCESSORIES is the 33rd company which has been convinced by our best practices to sign in to the BLAUPUNKT Brand Licensing program.

"Seeing the amazing heritage of the 1923 established brand, the flexibility of the licensing program, and their strong brand partner support we have felt obliged to partner with BLAUPUNKT." Said Mark Weinberger, Executive Vice Worldwide.
"BLAUPUNKT as a new part of our portfolio will give us the chance to engineer and produce products with the flexibility to adapt quickly to market direction. Therefore, we will be able to deliver products perfectly suited to serve the North American markets requirements and follow the trends." Weinberger continued.

 BLAUPUNKT, originally called "Ideal", was first founded in Berlin in 1923 when radio was still in its infancy. Every unit was carefully tested by technicians and labeled with a seal for quality "the blue dot". It did not take long before customers simply asked for the "blue point" products. Finally, in 1938 the blue dot became a trademark and the company name: BLAUPUNKT which means blue dot.
The BLAUPUNKT brand is available to selected companies for brand licensing reflected in a comprehensive program called the "BLAUPUNKT GLOBAL BRAND COMMUNITY".

The brand is owned and managed by GIP Development SARL in Luxembourg.

Press Contact:
Prasanna Pilimatalauwe, GIP Development SARL, 2-4, rue du Chateau d’Eau - L-3364 Leudelange – Luxembourg,


Blaupunkt billboard advertising at Las Vegas Blvd. opposite Bellagio Water Fountains.

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Blaupunkt headphones and earbud lineup at CES 2018.

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The MD of the Blaupunkt LIcensing Program Mr. Andrzej Cebrat presents the new Accessories lineup.

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Blaupunkts´ new USA earbud and smart charging units.

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