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Licensing Defined It is not enough to simply rent a brand. You need the right brand AND the right licensor. Since 2008 the BLAUPUNKT brand, and the licensing team behind it, has helped more than 40 licensees from around the globe successfully make more money.

The BLAUPUNKT Brand Licensing Program is a great fit for many different business models


Not sure if BLAUPUNKT brand licensing can help your business?

The BLAUPUNKT brand looks and works great on any kind of consumer lifestyle product.

Licensing Defined

Given BLAUPUNKT’s 90+ years history of product lines, one might think that the brand would only apply to mobile or audio products. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Take the lead now! Let´s assess how the BLAUPUNKT licensing plan can improve your business. An initial assessment will only take 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes could boost your profits for years to come.

Straightforward and fast. Realize your profits instantly

Licensing Defined

Some licensees launch their first BLAUPUNKT products as quickly as 100 days after signature. Even better their BLAUPUNKT products have already made more turnover in their first year than their companies own white label products managed to sell in 5 years.

The BLAUPUNKT licensing plan is, without a doubt, one of the easiest to implement licensing plans in the industry.

As a BLAUPUNKT licensee, you will be instantly perceived as a substantial, trustworthy buyer – which helps when negotiating.

Licensing Defined

Our 40+ brand community members are well connected and share their supplier contacts. In many cases, this can speed your time to market because suppliers have the ability to replicate items already produced for other markets and are already familiar with BLAUPUNKT products.

The team behind the concept makes the difference.


Once signed up, our licensees immediately enjoy the professional consulting benefits of our experienced and multicultural team. The brand licensing success team is available to help with every step of the process. From helping to implement a new licensing plan, to facilitating connections within the community to generate as many synergies as possible, we are always there to guide you.

“GIP´s brand & licensing team gives all means possible to help licensees meet and exceed their targets.”

Aaron Illouz, CEO of the BLAUPUNKT licensee for Audio in Western Europe

The highlights of the Blaupunkt licensing program

Brand Heritage

Brand Heritage

Established in Berlin, Germany in 1924 the brand quickly became famous in consumer electronics and in-car entertainment worldwide.

Proven Concept

Founded in 2009, 40+ licensees have already joined the powerful BLAUPUNKT Global Brand Community. Together they have launched more than 1000 products each year.

Brand Partner Support

From the beginning, the BLAUPUNKT licensing experts consult with every new licensee to ensure that they can start their license projects as quickly and successfully as possible.

Marketing Package

Promote your products effectively without needing to add additional specialized staff resources. This includes our uniformed global web presence and easy-to-use design guides.

Connect with us

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For customer support inquiries please check blaupunkt.com for the proper contact information. Unfortunately, our licensing team is not able to help with any product specic support requests or handle sourcing offers.

The next step to your licensing success.

When you want:
- to boost margins,
- enter a new product market
- shorten go-to-market time,
we can be your resource by licensing the BLAUPUNKT name to your company.

From initial licensing through to marketing support, our licensing success team has partnered with 40+ global licensees, helping them boost prots and offer in-demand products with the BLAUPUNKT name.

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