Brand Licensing Explained

Brand Licensing Case Study

Check out a real-life example of how brand licensing works to increase your profits quickly. This case study features an interview with a licensee who discusses how BLAUPUNKT brand licensing did exactly this in less than a year. The results speak volumes about the success an expertly maintained brand licensing program can bring to your company.



Brand Licensing Go-To-Market Models

Brand Licensing provides a distinct advantage as a go-to-market option because it reduces risk for the product manufacturer.

The right brand licensing program can replace a private label brand, launching existing OEM products to new distribution channels, create a step-up or “shelter” line, or launch a totally new product line or category.

What To Look For In An Brand Licensing Program

Learn how to evaluate and select the best brand licensing partner.

The total concept must be easy to implement and navigate from applying the brand to carrying out a total program that speeds brand introduction tasks that would otherwise create time and cost burdens.

The Numbers

This infographic details why you should consider brand licensing for your CE product launch success.

Interested In How It Works?


In this white paper you will learn:

  • – Why a growing number of companies are considering brand licensing.
  • – Why brand licensing speeds your time to market.
  • – About the licensing Go-To-Market models.
  • – What to look for in a brand licensing program.


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