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The BAUPUNKT Brand Licensing Programm


Brand Highlights
License Partner Support
  • Blaupunkt Brand Evolution

    Since 1923

    A company named “Ideal” was first founded in Berlin 1923 when radio was still in its infancy.
    Every unit was carefully tested by technicians and labeled with a seal for quality – the blue dot.
    It did not take long before customers simply asked for the “bluepoint” products.
    The blue dot had become a synonym for outstanding quality.


    This blue dot, a strong symbol for quality, became a trademark, as well as the company name.

    1923 - 1996

    The full range of consumer electronics of the support segment was successfully distributed in more than 50 countries up to the year 1996.

    1996 - 2010

    Within in these years Blaupunkt focused its activities on developing and producing high quality and innovative Car Multimedia units.

    Since 2010

    Blaupunkt Consumer Electronic License Business
    In 2010 the Blaupunkt Global Brand Community started with its first brand partner assembling and distributing TV sets on the European market. Since this time many new partners joined the Blaupunkt Brand Community and make the brand visible in many regions and categories all over the world.

    "Technical Details" of the brand

    Blaupunk Brand licesning dataBlaupunkt Brand Licensing technical data

  • Consumer Electronics


    Professional Audio


    Security Systems




    Household Appliances


    Air Conditioning






    Car Accessories




    Sun Protection Films


    Marine Electronics


    Solar Energy




    Power Tools




    Information Technology


    Medical Systems


    New Technologies


  • Our support for a sustainable business

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    Global Web Concept

    The Blaupunkt Webpage is ready to promote your products online. is available worldwide in several languages with country specific contents. Since we do not accept any other third party homepages you can feel confident of always being recognized as a part of the big global Blaupunkt family instead of a local player.
    Increase your efficiency - Blaupunkt Brand Partners can focus on their core business as the online job is already done.
    So easy to operate - our Content Management System (CMS).There´s no need to be an IT expert. Just upload your content and it will be online within seconds.

    Online Shopping

    Clear guidelines for online shopping warrant that each member of the Global Brand Community can conduct their business without interference by other partners.
    The Blaupunkt homepage is the basis of each individual shop and is designed to link directly to the brand partner`s online shop.

    Domain Management

    Rest assured that there will be no overlap of communication and domain names. Blaupunkt preserves the exclusive right to register any Blaupunkt domain worldwide. Thus, we ensure that each domain registration for our partner‘s email communication, marketing campaigns, or direct links to the subcategories follows clear domain naming standards.

    Social Media

    We are aware of the power of Social Media Marketing. But we are also aware of the risk of this powerful marketing tool. Each Social Media under the brand Blaupunkt will be approved and monitored by Blaupunkt. That´s how we protect your business against any unauthorized presentation which could harm our brand.
    We offer all our brand partners a content management system for their Social Media activities.

    Corporate Design

    As a Blaupunkt Brand Partner you can benefit from a distinctive recognition factor, which increases with each additional product in the market.
    Save HR, time and costs – our detailed step by step design guidelines explain how to create the Blaupunkt design.

    Release Management

    We make sure that every product or marketing material under the Blaupunkt brand is 100% in-line with our corporate design and reflects the values of the brand. But don´t be scared of day taking approval procedures. Our web based database solution makes it easy and transparent for your organization to release a product with a secure audit trail.