Become a brand licensee

If your products and your commitment go along with our brand values?
If you want to be part of a great technological and strong global brand community?

  • Brand licensing with the GIP brands offers attractive opportunities:
  • To profit directly from existing strong brand values instead of a cost intensive, long-term brand building
  • To take advantage of decades of brand experience
  • To overcome entry barriers into new markets
  • To exploit the company?s know-how by product range extensions
  • To increase profitability by higher margins
  • To achieve more efficiency and flexibility by outsourcing brand and sales activities and thus focusing on product management
  • To benefit from time-to-market advantages: time efficient model to expand into new markets

Added Values due to strong Brands

  • Products sell primarily because of convincing benefit and value propositions.
  • Strong brands create convincing benefit and value propositions.
  • Consumers conclude from brand values on product benefits.
  • Mere-exposure-effect: in comparison to brands with poor recognition, highly recognized brands evoke familiarity and thus attractiveness and sympathy.
    No-name products or weak brands can even evoke negative consumer settings (unconscious consumer perception).

Commitments and Obligations
Long-lasting and fair partnership
Frankness and equitable communication
Directness and clearness

Maintenance of brand essence and brand values
Fostering and trademark protection of the brand on international level
Clearly determined rules und procedures in order to maintain high quality values
Communicative platform for the intercommunication of all global brand community partners
Brand communication: public relations, global internet, international trade fairs Optional: active international sales support

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